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ResinFlo epoxies are versatile, and can be specially formulated to use in casting with silicone and various types of molds. The simple mixing process will help eliminate extra steps.

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Alcohol Inks

All the colors of the rainbow, and a whole lot more. ResinFlo custom Alcohol Inks are specially formulated to penetrate and disperse through resin to let you achieve the desired look you want.

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Wall Art

Whether for the home, office, or as a gift. Poured Art is the most researched and fasting growing aspect in the resin business. ResinFlo sells you the entire kit to pour your own with everything you will need.

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Because of the high viscosity, ResinFlo epoxy and ResinFlo mica pigments create a melting effect that will continue to blend and morph until final cure. ResinFlo mica pigments can also be used in soap making, DIY make-up, etc...

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Geode D├ęcor

Known to most as an Amethyst Geode, these hollow rocks are lined with beautiful crystals with color variations that only Mother Nature could create, until now... Ask us about this specialty pour and upcoming classes.

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If your looking to make some money on the side, or just interested in starting a new hobby. Discover the endless possibilities with resin jewelry and design.

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